Hi! 👋 I'm Cody Wall. I am a senior front end developer based out of Grass Valley, California.

I am currently a Senior Frontend Developer at Titan.io. I have industry experience designing and building websites and web applications. I specialize in Javascript and have extensive professional experience working with React and Node.js. I also have professional experience with smart contracts and dApp development.


Frontend Web Development

I use modern technologies to build fast and functional websites and applications. I have professional experience developing responsive websites and applications with JavaScript, React, HTML/CSS, NodeJS, GatsbyJS and Git.

User Interface Design

A strong background in UI/UX design guides my development process and allows me to view the applications I am creating from the perspective of the user.

Recent projects

CSUMB Website

As the primary Web Developer at CSU Monterey Bay, I work alongside a pair of UX designers, and together we are responsible for the entire campus website across all departments. We collaborate with department leaders to transform their business needs from mockups into web applications, with a strong focus on usability and accessibility.

The campus website is an open source static React site, built with GatsbyJS. In addition to maintaining and developing new features for the front end, I also manage the MySQL database which stores content and the PHP-based content management system and API which edits and retrieves the content.

Electronic Diplomas

As a result of COVID-19, many CSUMB students encountered delays in receiving their physical diplomas. Offering electronic diplomas was the campus' solution to this issue.

I created an informational landing page, and a credential validation page. Within the landing page, I encrypted an SSO hyperlink using NodeJS, allowing students to arrive at the diploma vendor's website logged in. The credential validation page allows anyone to verify the authenticity of a credential via an API call to the vendor using React and Javascript.

News Archive

The CSUMB News Archive is a React web application which allows campus staff to view and search for archived news articles for Cal State University, Monterey Bay. The implementation of this application allows unneeded news stories to be removed from the campus website database while keeping them for reference.

I used NodeJS to convert the news articles to markdown files, and hosted them using GatsbyJS, a static site generator. This tech stack allowed me to host the project for free, saving the University from annual hosting costs.

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